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Greek Revival - Congress Lake, OH

New Construction (Design - Build)

Greek Revival architecture is a primary passion of J. Kapela Design & Construction. This new construction project sits on 11 acres of rolling hills and woods in the Congress Lake community of Hartville, Ohio. It is a quintessential example of J. Kapela Design & Construction's unique capability to design and build Ohio's most prestigious homes through the cost saving integration of our design and construction teams. 

Scroll through the images below to get a glimpse of the full design and build phases of this iconic Western Reserve home.

The homeowners were originally hesitant on the Greek Revival style because they "didn't think you could still build new homes to look like the true Revival styles at a reasonable price." Unfortunately, in most cases, this is true. 

Many design firms and builders lack the knowledge and experience regarding the requirements of the Greek Revival style at both the design phase and throughout the construction process. The homes at Congress Lake take time, research, and willing trades with drive to step outside their comfort zone. We have a network of trades who are as passionate about real "architecture" as we are, and consequently, we were able to build this difficult traditional style within the homeowner's budget.

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